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Danaos has a rich 30+ year history as a leading maritime I.T. supplier serving over 500 clients globally. The Danaos development strategy has been to integrate shipping expertise, modern management principles along with the latest technology, into flexible and user-friendly software whilst maintaining hardware, vendor and system software independence. Our system is thoroughly tested as it already supports more than 500 companies in the shipping industry worldwide. Since the Danaos System is modular, it offers you the advantage to build it progressively according to your needs.

Danaos offers a comprehensive suite of products and services that include an integrated suite of software modules that automate all the functions of a shipping company (accounts and financials, chartering and voyage planning, vessel operations, bunkering, freight collection, spares, stores and provisions supply cycles, technical, planned maintenance, vessel monitoring, repairs and dry-dockings, crew and MGA, full ISM follow-up). These are linked with an integrated communications package (email, fax, telex, GSM, BlackBerry) offering comprehensive MIS and user-defined reporting, and also incorporating user-defined KPIs with their follow-up. The above software modules are implemented on both the office and onboard the vessels and can exchange data transparently through any satellite communications method. Danaos has also completed the incorporation of a full set of KPIs into Danaos software systems including the PMS, ISM and Crewing subsystems. The KPIs have been incorporated according to the guidelines of the TMSA manuals and will assist you greatly in complying with those requirements.

Over the past 30 years Danaos has gained rich experience in integrating the above modules with all other major software packages used by the industry. The software is complemented by a rich array of implementation and outsourcing services through the Danaos Greece and India offices (staffed by experienced ex-seafarers) so that the customer can outsource all routine time-consuming work and can concentrate on the important managerial tasks.

In cooperation with EU agencies and leading universities, Danaos has developed the SeaRoutes service that utilises an innovative algorithm to calculate the optimal route for a vessel voyage using the structural characteristics of each vessel and detailed weather forecasts, optimizing fuel costs and sailing time.

There is no doubt that integrated shipping software is the key to success in modern shipping, and all signs indicate that there is a bright future ahead for the industry, with the world moving toward automation and web-based systems.

Our 30+ years of experience and success are proof that Danaos is the right partner for your digital transformation journey with end-to-end maritime solutions.

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