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Danaos ONE


DANAOS1.com is the first e-servicing B2B Platform for the Shipping Industry. Connect with DanaosONE and publish corporate information. Share content and engage your suppliers, partners or customers, securely.

Based on the European Maritime Strategic Framework (EMSF), DanaosONE™ is a professional B2B versatile e-servicing Platform that seamlessly integrates with your internal operational, safety systems & compliance policies, securely.

DanaosONE™ offers a unique open, multi-tier, state of the art architecture that warranties your company’s full control, agility and scalability. You can choose the right mixture of cloud-based, or office-based services, and tailor your processes according to your needs, from Start to Finish.

No private information is retained on the platform, thus fully complying with the requirements of: business ethics, information privacy, security, and audit-ability.

DanaosONE_PlateauBased on the principle of Single Window, DanaosONE™ Platform is the One-Stop-Shop for all shipping and oil and gas industries, providing a Portal where diffusion of e-services leverages team work, outsourcing, transparency, and visibility whilst enhancing performance, quality, and profitability.


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Either in an Intranet Network, shared within Company’s personnel or in an Extranet Network, operated amongst each Company’s trusted partners, DanaosONE™ saves time and money whilst assuring high Quality of Service (QoS) by transforming traditional transactions to securely offered e-services.

DanaosONE Platform is designed bottom-up to become an indispensable informational, marketing and transnational toll for the global shipping industry

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