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D1 Platform Services

Now it’s easy for any shipping business to share insights, securely, in the cloud, as SERVICES.


Joining DanaosONE™ will give you international exposure and endless possibilities to connect with other trusted members. DanaosONE™ provides a set of bundled services that facilitate Shipping Industry’s essential everyday activities whilst allowing exposure of your products and services, creating new business opportunities.

Mini Website

Showcase your company’s services and products, within DanaosONE Platform as a credible, seaworthy business.

Create a corporate digital footprint within the maritime community and gain high visibility from hundreds  of companies of your target market.


Directory Services

DanaosONE Directory Services is based on advanced categorization and geolocation providing (Search & Find) business information to registered users. Since all DanaosONE Businesses are validated during the application stage, all DanaosONE members enjoy an unbiased and trustworthy business relationship.



DanaosONE e-Currencies provides daily and historical currency exchange rates and country information for over 200 countries and currencies. Currency rates table lets you compare all currencies in USD.



Comm – Collaboration

Unlike Skype’s or any other IM’s distraction from unwanted chats and malicious messages, DanaosONE Communication tool provides trouble-free communication and collaboration (file exchange,  video) with trusted partners and users. Web Conferencing is available on-demand.



Find historical weather information by selecting a point in a map, or even an area. You can select a range of dates for which you would like to see weather history. This DanaosONE service informs user for Windwave, Swell and Wind intensity and direction.



Virtual Exhibitions/Stands

Imagine 24/7/365 visibility of your stand in every Exhibit, from everywhere! DanaosONE offers a virtual exhibition service so you can set your stand with video and any multimedia material such as leaflets, brochures and manuals. Never lose a visitor from any exhibition.



Get a 360 degrees, almost real-time, information on major Ports around the world from a DanaosONE local Agent/Partner. See all major information (port guide) on a GIS display and download required port documents and images. Get other Agent services online.


Ports Compliance

Ports Compliance Service refers to a list of Port formalities, displayed in time order from the earliest to the latest event during vessel’s Port Call (Port Clearance Procedure).  Users can narrow down formalities, filtering by vessel type. Array of vessel tasks is given in a format of easily readable set of rules.


DanaosONE News

In cooperation with Hellenic Shipping News, DanaosONE provides all recent shipping news to registered members. Read breaking news, watch video clips on danaos1.com, today!

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