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DanaosONE Difference

  1. Create an e-servicing gateway for your business. An One-Stop-Shop that will facilitate transactions and dissemination of corporate information among trusted partners and associates.
  2. DanaosONE is a company-facing collaboration platform where registered companies can execute securely, multi-sided transactions, online, with other certified companies, whilst secure corporate compliance policies.
  3. DanaosONE can be considered an Enterprise information portal (EIP), a framework for integrating information, people and processes across organizational boundaries
  4. The main characteristic is the de-centralized content contribution and content management, which keeps the information always updated. Another distinguishing characteristic is that it caters for customers, vendors and others beyond an organization’s boundaries. This contrasts with a corporate portal which is structured for roles within an organization.
  5. DanaosONE provides a secure unified access point, in the form of a web-based or mobile-based user interface, and are designed to aggregate and personalize information through application-specific portlets.

Maintain live connections with Danaos or non-Danaos back office systems by connecting to DanaosONE cloud-hosted services with scheduled refreshes. Use our web services and push data from inside your company to DanaosONE. Get alerts and warning based on predefined tasks.

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