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D1 Offered Services

Now it’s easy for any shipping business to share insights, securely, in the cloud, as SERVICES.


DanaosONE™ can “bridge” any functionality provided by your in-house back office systems within a network of trusted stakeholders of your selection (extranet). Join DanaosONE™ and start exchanging information accurately and securely with your suppliers, partners, agents, brokers and affiliates avoiding the cumbersome of traditional information exchange.

RFQ and RFQ History

The most difficult process becomes fully automated with eRFQ service. Quotations are uploaded from selected or approved vendors, negotiating discounts and placing electronic orders. Historical data is available on previous RFQs and Quotations/Pricing per vendor/supplier.



Enable suppliers to post invoices directly onto Buyer’s account and/or to submit their invoices electronically for Buyer’s approval process. Buyers and Suppliers can speed up and trace their collections by posting accounting notes.



Invoice Registration

Automatically register (protocol registrar) all your incoming invoices from qualified suppliers within your back office systems. Avoid the hassle to re-insert each invoice into your ERP or Accounting system.


Proforma Invoice

Associate each vendors/suppliers Invoices with the Delivery Notes as well as per Port/per Vessel. Proforma Invoice eases the hassle of tracing into what has been delivered, where and when, from whom.




Digitize your vessel manuals, tag and categorize appropriate parts and provide visual information online to suppliers and manufacturers. Purchasing Dept, will place the order online, requesting quantity and part number. Verified suppliers will be able to see online the exact spare and send their quotations, with accuracy.


Accounts Reconciliation

Share the account statements with your creditors and debtors for fully automated account reconciliation.  See the outstanding balance, in total and confirm balances for auditing purposes. Accounting Reconciliation service concludes all required standard process for Purchasing.


Crew Recruitment

Organize applicants information based on a predefined fields electronic form. Crew applicants can upload their CV-related information and certifications for each available vacancy of your company. Information is accessible to Crew Managers for assessment and evaluation.


Update Address Book

Your Company Address Book can now be always updated! Update Address Book Service allows your partners/customers/suppliers and associates, upon registration within DanaosONE, to access their information online and proceed if necessary with the required updates. No need for any administration from your part.


Warehouse Order Tracking

Manage your spare parts orders, input spares from XLS files directly to the electronic logbooks and allow tracking of orders, per port/per vessel. Warehouse Order Tracking provides full visibility on both the orders and the suppy chain management as it captures each step of the logistics process.


Vessels Map

Enable partners and other affiliates to view the position of your Vessels real-time whilst ensuring name of the vessel with the position in the globe.





The mobile version of Payments Approvals is utilized via using DanaosONE Paltform – Offered Services.
The company user who is in charge of approvals can now login from his mobile device to see the list of pending approvals and act accordingly.

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