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On-board Systems

DANAOS on-board system is a set of modules designed to provide ship officers with an easy and efficient tool to handle the majority of their daily administrative work.

The system relies on the “Shore based Ship Management” concept. Headquarters are the pivot point where information is collected. This information is processed in conjunction with company policy and transferred back to the vessel in the form of instructions, checklists, manuals and procedures. DANAOS On-Board System creates instantly all Paper Work required according to the latest company procedures. All required information is transmitted back to the headquarters for further processing.

DANAOS On-Board System are on-board extensions of the DANAOS WEB ENTERPRISE SUITE that interface with machinery monitoring and bridge equipment to integrate ship-to-shore communication and covert data into useful information, almost real-time.

Vessel Operations Allows officers to electronically fill up and transmit to the office noon, arrival and departure telegrams. (Optional : Port events log can be created according to your company and trade standards for transmission to the office.crew manning, increasing efficiency and saving time.
Crewing System Active crew handling – Crew List preparation according to different standards – Crew qualifications and certificates handling – License seaman book and official documents expiry dates.
Plan Maintenance System Maintains records of all maintenance activities – prepares jobs plan for any period – Allows chief engineer to update jobs completed – Creates electronically job’s cards and the coded mail for the headquarters – Last maintenance action reporting – Maintenance history reporting – Emergency jobs handling – Spares usage.
Spare Parts Control System Automatic creation of spares requisitions – Real time inventory control – Minimum maximum stock control – Recording of spares to be repaired – Deliveries handling with automatic inventory update.
Stores Control System Creates Stores Requisitions – Departmental inventory control – Minimum Maximum stock control – Deliveries handling – Spot Deliveries.
Provisions Control System Requisition creation – Inventory control – Minimum Maximum stock level control – Deliveries handling – Spot Deliveries..
On-Board ISM Safety manual search print and electronic update – Training session presentation and quizzes – Transfer of results to headquarters- Scheduling of Drills – Electronic write up and transfer of results. (Option : Predefined check list and inspection forms fill up and data transfer to office.)
The Risk@assessor program On board risk assessment module provides to the Vessel Officers the same functionality with the HQ module and the appropriate user interface for assessments generation either from scratch or based on existing from HQ distributed library. The user interface is similar with the HQ version with some additional tick-boxes regarding weather conditions, temperature, and visibility and assessor experience. Prepared assessments may not need office approval, and may be sent as email to the office. Whenever an assessment is marked to send to the office is considered as final and is locked.
Master General Account (MGA) Procedures payslips for all seaman according to National and contract – Master Accounts- Cash on board – Allotments – Advances – Bonded Stores – Telegrams – Overtime etc.
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