danaos square v2

Crew Planning

The Danaos Crewing System Module has an extra feature allowing the user to perform the planning activity for seamen who will be joining vessel(s) as future assignments or as substituters/relievers of existing onboard mariners. Through an automated mechanism the end-user is given the ability to plan well in advance the future movements for the mariners to embark on a vessel and also in the background the facility is checking all the relevant seamen documentation (such as certificates, training) that are applicable to the new-joiner’s rank for correctness and validity.

The end-user is given also the ability to plan the crew change activities for any moment in the future that he/she wishes, and also allows him/her to be able to select out of more than one seaman who will be the most appropriate substitute for the same mariner who is currently onboard. All the data are stored in a form that resembles a Gantt-chart so that the end-user can perform the planning activity in a very intuitive and user-friendly manner. Upon completion of the activity the user can finalize the plan, in which case the end-user cannot make any further alterations and the system will perform the sign-on of the planned seamen.

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