danaos square v2

Financial Document Controller

The Financial Document Controller module aims to adapt each company’s internal document workflow and to optimize the procedure in a digital environment. This module automates the procedure of protocol registration assigning a unique protocol number to any incoming invoice or other official document. It also stores the scanned image of the physical document. The new document record is forwarded to each department of the company according to a predetermined workflow that is parametric and can be set (and updated) by the Administrator. Depending on the agreed process for each department, the authorization for the invoiced amount is recorded, if the document is an incoming Invoice. The module can also register the Accounting Entries (in case the document is an Invoice) where the case refers to a single Supplier Crediting, or even a complete Debit/Credit entry with the appropriate allocations to the respective cost centers, in case those actions are performing during the Protocol registration. This module is fully integrated with the other relevant Danaos applications such as Supply, Accounting, etc., and updates the incoming documents. It also has the ability to handle contracts documents.

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