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Danaos Financial Suite

Shipping, as a capital intensive Asset Management Venture, requires automation of all accounting processes in order to ensure a seamless flow of critical financial data, across departments. Today, Danaos Financial Suite is installed in more than 500 companies worldwide (18 Nasdaq-listed)  providing advanced reporting and auditability.

Visibility and control on your assets (CAPEX) and your operations (OPEX) requires a financial business solution that will provide a comprehensive, multi-business-unit monitoring and that will be fully integrated with your financial and resource management system. Danaos Financial Suite core modules are the necessary building blocks to gain full versatility in terms of Financial Management within your Organization.

Designed as a multi-Company, multi-Group and multi-Currency Accounting shipping solution, Danaos Financial Suite provides advanced Reporting functionalities, enabling consolidation throughout all corporate levels.

  1. Marine Accounting & MIS
  2. Budgeting System
  3. Payments Module logo_ce
  4. Exchange Rates
  5. Greek Accounting
  6. Fixed Assets
  7. Bunker Trading Financials
  8. Financial Document Controller
  9. Marine Claims Manager
  10. Master’s General Account (MGA)

Danaos Financial Suite is part of the Danaos Web Enterprise Suite, a comprehensive set of integrated offerings for both office and vessel.

Reporting Features and Functionalities

  1. Monitoring of Payable & Receivable Open Items (Outstanding reports), including Ageing Analysis reporting.
  2. Trial Balances with drill down ability up to the Transaction level.
  3. Analytical Ledger Cards with “Link” ability to the Danaos module from where the Journal Entry is created.
  4. User Defined Balance Sheet (Drill down to Bank Reconciliation, Accounts Receivable, Inter-companies, Accounts Payable), Statement of Income (Drill-down to Revenues, G & A Expenses, Interest Income) and Cash Flow reports with Drill-down analytical reporting.
  5. Voyage Specific Ledger cards independent of the financial period.
  6. User Defined Voyage Results reporting.
  7. Charterers’ balances consolidated and per Voyage
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