danaos square v2

Freight n Hire Collection

Freight & Hire Module is specially designed for Post-fixture information, Creating Debit Notes, Credit notes sent charterers, automatically created vouchers for accounting record non Debit Notes and Credit Notes issued, Recording charterer’s payments and preparing vouchers for Accounting records. Keeping track of voyage revenues and expenses.
Reporting: Voyage results reports, Charterers statement-including all movements for the specified charterer, Charterers Ageing Analysis report- Detailed, this report gives all Debit Notes, Credit Notes sent to charterer and payments received by charterers. As the report’s name indicates, full age analysis of outstanding amounts is given to in order to enhance cash collection. Charterers Outstanding Analysis Report-Summary, this report gives the total outstanding amount by voyage on T/C.
Note: Reports can be issued as per fleet category, per specified vessel and charterer, per specified vessel and specified range of charterers etc.

Features & Functionalities
  1. Freight Invoices
  2. Demurrage Invoices
  3. Hire Invoices
  4. Hire Statement Report
  5. Fully integrated with Chartering and OPS
  6. Detailed Invoice Item Analysis
  7. User Defined Debit Credit Note Report
  8. Link with Accounting
  9. Automatic Calculations for Invoice items
  10. Voyage in Calculations
  11. Hire in Calculations
  12. Owners Statement Report
  13. Outstanding Analysis
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