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Voyage/Cargo/Vessel Operations

Voyage/Cargo/Vessel Operations Module is specially designed for the operation department of a shipping company as a decision making as well as a claims support/ defense tool, providing performance monitoring in technical and financial terms with minimal information required.  


Voyage/Cargo/Vessel Operations Module provides passage speed calculation with direct gain/loss calculation and bunkering ports and schedule with complete analysis and costs differentials.

Complete movements and daily reports with all specific and average figures. Charter party over/under performance evaluation in actual financial terms, providing complete defense against claims.

Informs management with voyage financial reports and post voyage analysis. Vessel Performance module is specially designed to assist the Technical department in a consistent performance calculation. Minimising required data from vessel creates dimensionless performance criteria separating, quantifying and identifying the performance degradation. Informs about vessel performance figures for each voyage leg in relation with wind, sea and current patterns. Evaluates performance in percentage terms, for the hull propeller main and auxiliary engines. Provides complete vessel log with operational information. Full voyage and port statistics with fuel oil, diesel oil and lubricants consumption for each voyage leg, port call or during maneuvering.

Features and Functionalities
  1. Vessel Scheduling
  2. Events Scheduling
  3. Cargo Scheduling
  4. Vessel & Voyage Performance
  5. Charter Party Compliance
  6. Position Lists
  7. Map Movement – Position
  8. Owners / Charterers Contracts
  9. Cargoes / Ports History
  10. Voyage Results Actual vs Estimate
  11. Bunkers FIFO Calculation
  12. Vessel Report Viewer
  13. Sublet Monitoring
  14. Off Hire Management
  15. COA Management
  16. Voyage Instructions
  17. Correspondences with Masters
  18. Brokers & Customers for Vessels positions
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