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Laytime/Demurrage Calculator

Danaos Laytime module is integrated with the timesheet of the loading/discharging activity which comes from the vessel directly. It has been designed to assist users with laytime/demurrage/despatch calculations. It caters for all modern charter party clauses regarding commencement and cessation of laytime, thus allowing users to establish the demurrage /dispatch due seamlessly in various scenarios. Depending on the terms and consequently the parameters inserted in the program, the system assesses laytime generating a detailed Statement of Facts mentioning all relevant data essential for the calculation.
Laytime calculation is one of the most laborious, objectionable and time-consuming tasks in the shipping business; however, if done accurately, it can save a lot of money.
With DANAOS powerful but user-friendly Laytime and Demurrage Calculation software, you need only minutes instead of hours for error-free calculation. That means you save time and effort as well as money.

  1. Easy-to-use calculation system for laytime and demurrage/despatch calculation. Based on the statement of facts the program generates a complete time sheet with automatic detection of day breaks, the time the vessel comes on demurrage and the changes in calculation thereafter
  2. Need to make a change in a laytime calculation? Just load the calculation, modify the figure to be changed and get a complete re-calculated statement with a few keystrokes

The program supports all usual contract clauses for the laytime calculation including: Reversible / Non reversible / Average / Working time saved / All time saved once on demurrage, always on demurrage / Not always on demurrage Mixed reversible / non reversible
All usual laytime calculation terms already predefined: full time counting, half time to count, time not to count, rain, shifting time not to count and a free percentage value for partial counting in case of breakdowns etc. Working periods during weekends and non-counting periods on demurrage also supported
All usual SHex terms already predefined and user customizable. Non-standard regulations can be specified by begin/end day of week and time

Features and Functionalities
  1. Reversible (All Ports, Loading, Discharge, Loading/Discharge)
  2. Non Reversible and Averaged Calculations.
  3. Integrated with Operations (C/P Clauses, Timesheets)
  4. Integrated with Freight & Hire Collection
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