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Port Expenses (DAs)

Port Expenses Module is specially designed for vessel port expenses and payment follow up. Initial offer and proforma invoice are entered into the system together with the final invoice. The updating of Danaos Marine Accounting is fully automated. The payment approval to the agent can be done through the system. Various reports specifying Disbursement Accounting department activity, i.e. number of invoices approved, checked, pending, paid, etc. are produced. The system is fully integrated with DIABOS/DA DESK.
Key Integration Points & Benefits
  1. An integrated fleet management system linking operations, chartering and accounting departments providing immediate value by sharing and improving access to commercial and operational information throughout the entire organization.
  2. Information is entered only once and shared by all departments and vessels
  3. Common Secured and Role based Environment
  4. Fully integrated with Danaos Info@gate messaging system
  5. Fully integrated with Accounting
  6. Alerts driven interdepartmental notification
  7. Centralized Data Library
  8. Integrated with Danaos S&P,Crew, Supply and PMS
  9. Integrated with Danaos Searoutes System for Vessel Optimal Routing Planning
  10. Ability to produce comparison reports through Chartering, Operations and Accounting
  11. Interfaces with DA’s, Diabos, Q88, AtoBviaC Distance Calculator
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