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Danaos Commercial Suite

Danaos Commercial Suite is the most sophisticated and popular maritime commercial software in the global market! Danaos Commercial Suite integrates seamlessly either with the Financial & Ship Management Suites or any third party Software (SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle Financials, DA’s, Diabos, Q88, AtoBviaC) allowing maximum operational flexibility, supporting decision making process and eventually adding value throughout the entire shipping organization, saving time and money.

Danaos Commercial Suite simulates fleet management system operations by linking derivative data from operations, chartering and accounting departments and providing immediate value improving access to commercial and operational performance indexes.

Commercial Modules

  1. Voyage/Cargo/Vessel Operations
  2. Telegrams Report
  3. Vessel Scheduling
  4. Voyage Estimation/Chartering
  5. Port Expenses (DAs)
  6. Freight n Hire Collection
  7. Laytime/Demurrage Calculator
  8. Bunkering Management System
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